Sunny at all times: So your plants can thrive

Garantia plant aids provide accelerated plant growth and protect plants from the elements

Gardening is in: Be it on your balcony, in your own garden or in public spaces. For many people, tending to a garden is a welcome way to unwind from the demands of everyday life. What a joy to see seeds and saplings turn into crops and decorative plants! The new Garantia Sunny plant development tunnel and Garantia Sunny cloche support plant growth via the warm, humid microclimate existing beneath the cover. Gardening novices and seasoned gardeners will be glad to see how easy it is to use them and how quick it is to achieve success.

Saplings and seedlings need to be protected from the cold, storms and pests particularly when they are still growing. Sufficient air, light, warmth and humidity are also necessary to achieve the highest possible yield. The new plant aids by Garantia are the solution. They are a practical and significantly longer lasting alternative to the conventional polytunnel.

Sunny plant aids are simply placed on top of seeds or saplings and securely fixed in the soil with the aid of the Sunny soil anchor. After use, the plastic components can be dismantled once again and stacked to save space.

The products are additionally equipped with an intelligent irrigation system. The water gathers in moulded recesses and is gently dispensed to the plant that lies beneath it. In the event of heavy rain, excess water drains off outside the plant aid. 

If it does not rain, the plant aids are simply watered directly with a watering can or hosepipe and need not even be opened during this process.   

Both products have a freely adjustable aeration system that provides for temperature regulation and aeration on sunny and warm days.

Manufactured from durable plastic with thick walls, the Sunny plant development tunnel and the Sunny cloche are particularly temperature- and weather-resistant. As an expression of confidence in the high quality of the product, the manufacturer provides a five-year warranty.

Garantia Sunny plant tunnel

The Sunny plant tunnel consists of transparent plastic components (105cm long, 40cm wide and 30cm high). These can be laid in a row and are sealed by means of front and rear end caps. Finger recesses are moulded on to the end caps to facilitate insertion. Compared to the well-known polytunnel, the plant tunnel is much easier to set up and dismantle. 

Garantia Sunny cloche

The new 35cm wide, 30cm high Sunny cloche is particularly well-suited for the growth of individual plants. It is placed over the plant and is likewise attached with the use of soil anchors.