New ideas from the market leader

Garantia: three new products for making use of rainwater

Garantia stands for top quality “Made in Germany”, well thought-out system solutions and design competence. Otto Graf GmbH, the market leader for products for making use of rainwater, is expanding the product range to include two stylish surface tanks and an additional automatic filling machine for downpipes from DN 50 to DN 60. The market leader now has more than 70 different shapes, colours and sizes in its product range.


New: Muro Rainwater Storage Tank

The Muro rainwater storage tank appeals with its discreet graphite grey and its irregular surface. It is 93 cm high and has a capacity of 260 l. The cover can be removed for extracting water, and it is childproofed with a bayonet catch. The tank is equipped with two threaded connections: one for fitting a tap, and another for extracting water with an optional universal hose set or for draining during the cold months.

New: Rocky Junior Wall Tank

The manufacturing method that is used makes every Rocky Wall Tank unique. The unusual natural stone look and the discreet dark granite colour have made it a best-seller. Garantia is now also adding the Rocky Junior Wall Tank (80 x 40 x 118 cm) to the product range. The 300 l container is equipped with high quality brass threads to which fittings such as a water tap can be connected. The additional convenient connection allows water to be extracted with the universal hose kit or drained during the cold months.

New: Mini automatic filler

Garantia is expanding its comprehensive range of rainwater collectors with the Mini automatic filler - a variant for downpipes with a diameter of DN 50 to DN 60. With this, rainwater butts can now also be optimally connected to downpipes with small diameters, such the ones used in summer houses and carports. The Mini automatic filler is suitable for roof areas of up to 50 m2 and is equipped with a filter and an overflow stop. Connection to the rainwater storage tank takes place via a side outflow with a diameter of 25 mm and a hose with a threaded tank connection which is included in the scope of delivery. The branch is closed off during the cold months by simply turning, which switches the automatic filler to winter operation. This prevents unintentional filling of the rainwater storage tank.