Just the one adapter plate

New: DN 300, 400 and 500 for EcoBloc modules

Graf is optimising its EcoBloc infiltration ditch system with a new adapter plate. To date, this rainwater infiltration and retention system was fitted at the manufacturing plant with connections for the conventional pipe sizes DN 100, 150, and 200 and with adapter plates for each of the sizes DN 300, DN 400, and DN 500. The new adapter plate takes the form of a multistage connection fitting integrating the sizes DN 300, 400, and 500. Connections can now be adjusted to the pipe sizes provided on site. This simplifies assembly and reduces complexity.

The new adapter plate is made of high quality polyethylene (PE) and is compatible with all Graf EcoBloc modules. The adapter plate is fitted in lieu of the end plates. Delivery also includes the accessories needed for simple and fast assembly. The connection can be adjusted to the pipe size directly on site: The connection is simply parted off at the stage corresponding to the pipe size.

The Graf EcoBloc Inspect flex, EcoBloc maxx and EcoBloc light are ideal for rainwater infiltration and stormwater attenuation. This infiltration ditch system corresponds to the conventional measurements of 80 × 80 cm in the market. The square shape of the modules provides increased flexibility during planning stages and enables modules to adapt to on-site conditions. Up to fourteen layers can be routed at a maximum depth of 5 m, saving excavation and costs. For high groundwater levels, the Graf EcoBloc modules offer a solution in a single-layer construction with a mounting depth of 36/39 cm at least.