Graf to expand system solutions

Grease and light liquid separators new to the range

At BAU in Munich, Graf unveiled its new range of grease and light liquid separators. This European market leader of rainwater harvesting products is therefore taking up its position as a leading provider of local water management systems. In addition to rainwater harvesting and infiltration, wastewater treatment, and extinguishing water storage systems, the range now includes grease and light liquid separators.

“Following our launches of innovative and proven premium brand products, we can offer the market additional turnover and proceeds potential,” replied Sales Manager Manfred Schindler when asked about the launch. He went on to explain that customers see the Graf brand and its innovative, user friendly solutions as a synonym of quality made in Germany. Schindler also revealed that specialised retailers receive optimal product sales support from renowned high delivery quality and the advice Graf experts provide free of charge on the choice, installation, and dimensioning of the grease and light liquid separators.

Separators must be installed wherever water is contaminated with vegetable, animal, or mineral oils and greases. Operators of plants and facilities are obliged to implement suitable protective measures.

The Graf separators are made of partcularly robust and tough plastic. All Graf grease and light liquid separators come with DIBt approval. Also, common to all separators is their resistance to the corrosive effects of separated greases and oils. These are highly corrosive in separators constructed of concrete, generally necessitating costly renovations after a certain period of use.

Moreover, the low weight of the plastic tanks reduces transport and installation costs. All components of the Graf grease and light liquid separators are installed ready for installation before they leave the plant. This minimises both the time and complexity of installation.

Furthermore, the separators feature a telescopic and inclinable dome shaft that adjusts optimally to the top edge of the ground. The integrated seals safeguard the separators’ tightness from the ground down. The telescopic dome shafts are compatible with commercially available concrete rings and covers. The top of the system is sealed with matching Class B and D cast concrete covers bearing the word “Separator”.

Besides these plastic separators’ transport and installation benefits, Graf also presents a convincingly wide range of products and services. All separators come in sizes up to NS 15. Graf light liquid separators can be fitted with an optional coalescence unit for a Class I degree of separation (< 5 mg of residual oil). Light liquid separators are also available for operations at high performance delivery sites with volumetric flows up to 150 l/min.

Grease separators of NS 4 and above and light liquid separators of NS 6 and above are delivered with two tank domes. This simplifies maintenance. This extensive range is supplemented with accessories like an external sampling shaft, a sludge trap of 1000–4500 litre capacity, and heat sensors for oil film thickness and backflow.