Ergonomic gardening with raised garden beds

The ERGO raised garden bed system: A modular system that is easy to clean and maintain

Raised garden beds are particularly popular because of the many advantages they provide: Harvest time can be brought forward by as much as four weeks and the yield can be three times higher than that of conventional garden beds. More importantly, they provide the advantage of making gardening much more pleasant by avoiding the need to bend down and kneel, thus making it possible to work in an ergonomic manner that relieves back strain. The new Garantia ERGO raised garden bed system is the economic alternative to raised garden beds made of wood or the less attractive plastic versions that have been available until now.

Raised beds are paramount to the promotion of plant growth. Direct solar radiation is considerably more intensive than in a shallow bed, while additional warmth and nutrition are provided as a result of rotting of the fill. This is why the ground temperature in raised garden beds is 5 to 8 °C higher than in shallow beds. A further advantage: raised garden beds can also be created using less fertile soil – without the need to replace the soil beforehand.  

Gardening enthusiasts will enjoy using the modular Garantia Ergo raised bed system not only because it is back-friendly, but also because of the beautiful wooden texture of the sturdy plastic components. The plastic components are made in Germany, are UV-resistant and are completely produced in an elaborate process with the use of recycled plastic.  The panels are moisture-resistant and, in contrast to raised beds that are made of wood, they do not regularly need a new coat of paint. As an expression of its confidence in the high quality of the product, the manufacturer provides a five-year warranty.

The Garantia raised bed system is modular, with the possibility of extending both its height and length. It can be completely installed without the need for any tools. The basic set consists of six 110cm wide and 25cm high panels. The height of the hexagon can be adjusted to the desired work height by combining a number of sets in increments of 25cm. An extension set is available for additions that will lengthen the basic model by 55cm. It must be pointed out that the ERGO raised bed system can also be used as an open compost container.