Economical and intelligent

New Graf EcoSmart system control for rainwater harvesting systems

Graf EcoSmart is the intelligent system control for a Graf rainwater harvesting installation. The compact unit controls the extraction of water from the rainwater tank in line with demand, as well as the in-house supply to toilets, washing machine, etc. It also automatically switches to mains water when there is no longer any rainwater in the tank. The system’s plug-and-play technology reduces installation time and effort. Commissioning is now very simple as the EcoSmart self-primes the pump & calibrates measurement levels.

The Graf EcoSmart system has innovative plug-and-play technology. All of its connections are tool-free with the flexible stainless steel quick-release connectors. The diaphragm pump can be put into operation immediately without the need to prime it with water first. 

The intelligent control removes the need for a conventional fill level measurement and time-consuming calibration, reducing further installation time. The control system recognises from the level of power consumption when the pump is no longer extracting rainwater from the tank. The EcoSmart switches to use of mains water. When rainwater is available again, the control switches automatically to extraction from the tank. This ensures that the use of drinking water is kept to the minimum amount possible. The system can be switched manually to mains water use at any time.

The diaphragm pump provides further advantages compared with a conventional pump. This highly efficient pump consumes 85 per cent less power. There is no need for electrical components within the tank; the EcoSmart does without level measurement in the tank. Level measurement is carried out by the evaluation of the diaphragm pump’s power consumption. This reduces the time taken for maintenance and the system’s susceptibility to breakdowns as there is no longer a need for the tank to be opened or even emptied. 

The control unit has a space-saving and compact casing made from black EPP. This protects the components from dampness and dirt. The operating status is displayed at a glance by coloured LEDs. 

With its simple installation and low-maintenance operation and compact size, the Graf EcoSmart is particularly suitable for rainwater use in detached and semi-detached houses. 

The EcoSmart is one of a number of options that can be incorporated into the proven Graf modular rainwater harvesting system. In this way, up to 50 % reduction in the use of drinking water can be achieved.

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