Addition to number of best sellers

Garantia adds four products to garden range

Following the major market success of garden boards, raised beds and planting aids, Otto Graf GmbH has once again extended the range of the Garantia brand in the garden hardware area. The premium manufacturer presented the new products for the 2019 garden season at the Spoga+Gafa exhibition: an extension of the extremely successful raised bed system, a balcony raised bed with a cloche cover, a top quality thermo-composter with a wood look and lawn edging. “We are therefore providing the trade with the ideal product range extension to a successful brand with which customers are already familiar”, emphasises sales manager Werner Enderlin.

As far as consumers are concerned, the Garantia brand stands for quality “Made in Germany”, i.e. well thought-out solutions and design competence. The trade partners appreciated the appealing and space-saving presentation at the PoS, the sales-supporting measures and the customary high delivery quality. Otto Graf GmbH guarantees full delivery capability, even in the high season. “In previous years we have proven that we can deliver quickly and reliably. This is an extremely important argument with the trade and consumers alike. You can’t sell anything if you can’t deliver it”, says Enderlin.


New: Ergo Quadro raised bed system in three sizes

The modular Ergo raised bed system has established itself on the market as a high quality and user-friendly raised bed. The characteristic hexagon shape is now going to be accompanied by three different four-sided versions: Ergo Quadro S (60 x 60 cm), Ergo Quadro M (60 x 80 cm) and Ergo Quadro L (80 x 80 cm).

As well as being at an ergonomic working height, the Ergo raised bed system particularly impresses garden enthusiasts with the look and feel of the wood-like structure of the robust plastic elements. No tools are needed for assembly. The basic set consists of four or six panels. The height of the bed can be adjusted to the desired working height by placing several sets on top of each other in increments of 25 cm. The Ergo raised beds can be combined with each other, therefore producing a wide variety of different design options. The product is available in an self service-friendly flat pack.


New: Urban balcony raised bed with cloche cover

The Urban balcony raised bed with cloche cover is at the cutting edge of urban gardening. The balcony raised bed can be optionally used with feet or without feet as a planter, with or without the cloche cover as required. Herbs, vegetables and flowers can be planted in the brown planting bowl (75 x 37 cm) with the high-quality wood look. The height of 65 cm makes planting, maintenance and watering easier.

The clever protection and watering system of the cloche cover has been adapted from the successful Sunny range of planting accessories: The transparent covers encourage growth and make early harvesting possible. The water collects in the shaped recesses of the cover and is gently released onto the plant below. In the case of heavy rain, excess water runs off the sides of the raised bed.

There is no need to open the cloche cover when watering with a watering can, either. In order to provide protection from dammed-up water, two holes can be drilled in clearly marked locations. Each opening on the underside has a nozzle for connecting a hose. The Urban balcony raised bed therefore provides the optimum conditions for urban gardening in compact areas.


New: Thermo-Wood composter 600 l

The comprehensive Garantia composter range will be expanded in 2019 to include a model with a high-quality wood look: The capacity of the Thermo-Wood composter is 600 l (size 80 x 80 x 100 cm). The wooden decor will particularly appeal to quality-conscious gardening enthusiasts who are looking for an alternative to conventional composters. As well as the appearance, the Thermo-Wood impresses because of the ease of filling due to two large wing flaps and the practical removal of the finished compost via two large bottom flaps. The well-thought out ventilation system is invisibly integrated on the underside of the shingled wooden front.  The Thermo-Wood composter is supplied as a self service-friendly flat pack. A variant with an additional bottom grating for protection from rodents and moles is also available.


New: Edgar lawn edging for flexible bed edging

The 75 cm long elements of the Edgar lawn edging can be used as bed edging or as a border for lawned areas. They can be combined vertically and horizontally, and therefore extended in accordance with requirements. Even tight radii can be created because of the flexible structure. The lawn edging is simply knocked into the soil using the rubber mallet. A self-service pack contains six lawn edges with a total length of 4.5 m.