Profile: Otto Graf GmbH

Pure, clean water is one of the essential things in life, yet it’s exposed to many pollutants. GRAF develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of products for water resource management. GRAF provides solutions to global challenges, such as protecting watercourses or preventing flooding, with typical German quality. The European market leader has 60 years’ experience in these areas. It focuses on sustainable water management, the avoidance of environmental pollution and has a responsible attitude towards people and nature.

Continuous innovation is the driver of growth at GRAF. Over 200 industrial property rights applications and numerous awards bear witness to GRAF’s achievements as an operator of innovation in rainwater management. The company’s core competencies in manufacturing, logistics and design form the basis of a wide range of eco-friendly products made from recycled materials:

Rainwater harvesting

The city of Munich consumes 208 million litres of drinking water per day. With rainwater harvesting products, GRAF customers save this incredible amount every single day, making an important contribution to the sustainable use of this precious resource. For private households, the savings potential is around 50%, and 85% for commercial properties. GRAF therefore enables hundreds of thousands of individuals and businesses to harvest rainwater with an independent solution that suits them best.

Rainwater infiltration and retention

GRAF infiltration systems help to counter the problem of the increasing amount of land covered by buildings, car parks and roads, which prevent rainwater from naturally infiltrating into the ground, putting pressure on sewers and increasing the risk of flooding. GRAF solutions take the pressure off sewer networks and reduce surface water drainage charges.

Local wastewater disposal

For local wastewater disposal, GRAF offers a wide range of small wastewater treatment systems for households which cannot be economically connected to the public sewer network. In a small wastewater treatment system from GRAF the water is biologically purified, after which it can be safely discharged to the environment.

Grease and light liquid separators

One of the biggest hazards to drinking water is contamination with light mineral liquids. GRAF separators filter out hazardous substances from water, offering maximum safety and protecting the environment.

People at GRAF

The high motivation and exceptional commitment of the GRAF team provide the foundations for the success of the family-owned business. They work together to safeguard the environment and continue developing innovative and sustainable products that provide on-going solutions with value added for the customer.


Facts and figures

Founded:                      1962

Managing Directors:     Otto F. Graf / Otto P. Graf

2021 turnover:             over €150 million

Workforce:                   650 worldwide


Graf worldwide

GRAF continually invests in the expansion of its international subsidiaries. The company also works with sales partners in over 80 countries to ensure optimum service to customers worldwide. The company’s international outlook results in continuous growth.

GRAF has a special sense of responsibility to its headquarters in Teningen. Firstly, the company and its tradition grew in this location. As well as this, GRAF wants to offer its customers products of the highest quality from one of the most modern production facilities for plastic products in the world.



Germany                       Otto Graf GmbH, Teningen near Freiburg
                                     Graf Polymers GmbH, Herbolzheim bei Freiburg
                                     KLARO GmbH, Bayreuth
    GRAF Production GmbH, Neuried


France                        Graf Distribution S.A.R.L., Dachstein, near Strasbourg


United Kingdom          Graf UK Ltd., Maidstone, near London


Spain                          Graf Ibérica, Girona, near Barcelona


Poland                        Graf Polska Sp. z o.o., Skierniewice, near Warsaw


Australia                     Graf Australia Ltd., Perth


China                          Graf China Co., Ltd., Nanjing

Ireland                       Graf Ireland Ltd., Milltown bei Galway