The corona virus has been dominating the media for some weeks now. In the last few days it has also dramatically changed public life and has massively impacted large parts of the economy. In order to contain the crisis and slow down the spread of the virus or stop it altogether in the medium term, we need to temporarily change our behaviour. Solidarity and calm are needed more than ever.

At GRAF, we are fully aware of our responsibility in this situation. We are taking all measures necessary to ensure the safety of our customers, business partners and employees.

You can be assured that we are doing everything in our power to remain an accessible and reliable supplier and contact for our partners, even in the current health crisis, where the effects on future economic developments are almost impossible to predict.

We are making every effort to ensure that the availability of goods is guaranteed for as long as possible even under the current conditions. Although personnel capacities in our company are limited due to extensive precautionary measures, all your orders can currently be processed and shipped. Nor are we currently seeing any dramatic restrictions affecting the performance of our logistics service providers.

Due to the current extremely dynamic situation, however, it is impossible to give any reliable long-term assurances. For this reason, we can only offer to inform you as swiftly as possible in the event of a decisive change in the situation and to respond accordingly.

Just like your company, our company is also facing huge challenges due to the corona virus!

We are at the beginning of what will certainly be an extraordinary season. The strongest months of the year in terms of sales are just ahead of us, and at the moment we are not at all able to assess whether and how this season will develop.

However, as we always have to ensure the availability of goods for you, our customers, we have of course prepared ourselves as best we can, as every year, by expanding our production capacities and above all by maintaining very high stock levels.


No matter whether you contact us by e-mail, fax or telephone, your enquiry or your order will be processed in the usual prompt manner!

GRAF is ideally positioned to respond at short notice to further escalation of the situation. We fully support all measures ordered aimed at halting the chain of infection. Furthermore, we consistently exhaust all possibilities that we consider to be effective and correct on a voluntary basis.

Because even in difficult times we want to be and remain above all one thing for you – your reliable and efficient partner for plastic rainwater management and wastewater technology!

Thank you very much for your continued loyalty.