GRAF customers save more than the equivalent of the drinking water requirements of the city of munich (Germany) every day

Only one percent of the available water on earth can be used directly for drinking. This water should be used responsibly. GRAF develops, manufactures and markets an extensive range of products for water management. GRAF provides solutions to global challenges, such as protecting watercourses and preventing flooding, with typical German quality.

Rainwater harvesting
The city of Munich consumes 208 million litres of drinking water per day*. With rainwater harvesting products, GRAF customers save this incredible amount every single day, making an important contribution to the sustainable use of this precious resource. For private households, the potential savings are around 50 % of drinking water usage, which increases to 85 % for commercial properties. GRAF therefore enables hundreds of thousands of people and businesses to harvest rainwater with an independent solution that best suits their individual requirements.

Rainwater infiltration and retention
GRAF stormwater management helps to counter the problem of the increasing amount of land covered by buildings, car parks and roads, which prevents rainwater from naturally infiltrating the ground, putting pressure on sewer systems and increasing the risk of flooding. GRAF solutions take the pressure off sewer networks and reduce surface water drainage charges.

Local wastewater treatment
For local wastewater treatment, GRAF offers a wide range of small wastewater treatment systems for over 1 million households in Germany which cannot be connected to the public sewer network in a cost-effective manner. GRAF wastewater treatment systems are used to biologically purify the water, which can then be safely discharged into the environment.

Grease and oil separators
One of the biggest hazards to drinking water is contamination with grease or oil. GRAF separators filter out hazardous substances from water, offering maximum safety and protecting the environment.

Resource-conserving production
Our production processes relies on the latest systems for minimal use of resources. Our injection moulding machines require significantly less energy than conventional machines. Using heat recovery, the heat generated during production is used to heat our production and logistics buildings.